Quality Policy

We will be recognized for expertise, customer focus, flexibility and quality.

Our goal is to eliminate errors and discrepancies at the earliest possible stage in the process. Faulty deliveries to customers will not occur without any deviations are communicated to, and accepted by the customer in advance.

NMI will be the preferred partner for our customers, and existing customers will be our best ambassadors to potential new customers.

NMI shall always comply with the applicable requirements, including regulatory requirements.

The quality system must be living with a focus on continuous incremental improvements. We should focus on HSE, and aim to eliminate workplace injuries.

We want to create prosperity through cooperation, and it is our goal that everyone should get the necessary challenges in their efforts. Each individual should be involved in designing their work, both in terms of enjoyment and in relation to the organization and production flow. This will contribute to increased quality.

HSE policy

NMI Mekaniske AS has as its main objective to carry out our activities without harm to people, environment, property values ​​and / or our reputation. We will achieve this by:

  • We work systematically with health, safety and environment
  • We will always work in accordance with laws and regulations and our internal security policies.
  • We put safety first.
  • We are all responsible for ensuring good HSE work.

This is our foundation for a secure business, and central to our efforts to create a good working environment.

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